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Jim Sartori

Chairman & Owner
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Jim Sartori is the third-generation owner and Chairman of Sartori, a family owned company specializing in artisan, award-winning Wisconsin cheese. For three decades, Jim has led Sartori Cheese through a tremendous era of growth and opportunity — investing in operational expansions and developing Sartori into a premium, retail brand that is available in more than 40 countries.

Maria Sartori

Brand Ambassador
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Maria Sartori is a fourth-generation family member and current brand ambassador for Sartori, a family owned company specializing in artisan, award-winning Wisconsin cheese. Having touched numerous areas of the company — from cheesemaking to sales — Maria has a deep understanding of the business. Today, as brand ambassador, Maria embraces the opportunity to share her family’s story and handcrafted approach to cheesemaking.

Jeff Schwager

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Jeff Schwager has led Sartori Cheese as the president since 2009. He brings more than 20 years of global executive experience to Sartori, where he has led the company through significant growth and strategic initiatives — including the development of Sartori into a premium, retail brand with worldwide distribution capabilities.

Bert Sartori

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Bert Sartori is a fourth-generation family member and President at Sartori, a family owned company specializing in artisan, internationally award-winning cheese. Through his experiences in management, operations and sales, Bert continues to lead Sartori Cheese in its mission of making the best cheese in the world.

Pam Hodgson

Master Cheesemaker
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Pam Hodgson has been a Master Cheesemaker at Sartori since 2013. As only the second female in the country to become a Master Cheesemaker, Pam is a pioneer in the industry and at Sartori. The rigorous program required Pam to dedicate more than 10 years to the art and craft before being a master in Fontina and Open Hard Cheese. Her innovative approach to cheesemaking has led to Sartori original creations, such as Extra-Aged Goat and MontAmoré®.

Larry Steckbauer

Master Cheesemaker
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Larry Steckbauer has been a Master Cheesemaker at Sartori since 2011. He brings more than 40 years of experience to the role along with an expertise, via the rigorous Master Cheesemaker program, of Parmesan and Romano cheesemaking. For Larry, it’s the people — the farmers, the fellow cheesemakers and the Sartori Team Members — that make his job truly special.

Latest Press Releases

Sartori SarVecchio Wins Super Gold at 2019 World Cheese Awards

Bergamo, Italy (October 19, 2019) – Team Sartori was awarded a 2019 Super Gold during the World Cheese Awards in Bergamo, Italy. Our SarVecchio earned the Super Gold award by being one of the top 64 cheeses out of 3,804 entries. SarVecchio was 1 of only 7 U.S. cheeses to earn a Super Gold and the only domestic parmesan.
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Sartori Black Pepper BellaVitano Wins Another "Grand Champion" Title

Sartori Company's Black Pepper BellaVitano took home the top prize at the World Dairy Expo, winning “Grand Champion” of the Cheese & Butter Contest.
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Sartori Cheese wins blue ribbons, aids scholarship at WI State Fair

Two varieties of Sartori cheese were recognized for being the best of their respective classes at the Wisconsin State Fair’s Cheese & Butter Contest.
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Sartori Makes a Splash

Cheese Connoisseur
Humility is among the core values Chief Executive Jim Sartori lists as central to his family-owned cheese business, Sartori Co.
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This Wisconsin Cheese Was Named The Best In The Country

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Most competitions seek to identify the cream of the crop, but in this contest, if you submit cream, it means you’ve missed a whole bunch of important steps.
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Any Way You Slice It, Wisconsin Dominated The U.S. Cheese Championships

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Wisconsin creamed the competition. America's Dairyland took home the first, second and third-place prizes at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest this week.
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