Community & Giving

As a company that’s also a family, we feel a strong desire to give back to our community and country in all kinds of big and little ways.

We believe in doing the right thing

In line with our core values, Sartori Team Members want to help others in need. Some creative examples include: organizing apple drives, feeding local children, and partnering with professional sports teams to raise funds & awareness for charities.

Believe in doing the right thing

Stewards of the land

In line with our charity work and care for the community, we also believe in good stewardship of the land and animals around us. That is why every Sartori Family Farm participates in our leading-edge animal welfare program while also taking steps to improve sustainability on the farm.

Wisconsin farm cows

Sure, there are easier ways to make cheese. But since 1939, cutting corners in life or business just isn’t something we do.

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