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Who we are.

With a family of skillful cheesemakers, we take our years of training and expertise to cultivate one-of-a-kind, award-winning artisan cheeses.

Who We Are still

Generational Leadership

In 1939, Paolo Sartori founded the Sartori Cheese company with a great passion for cheesemaking. It has been that passion and ingenuity that has sparked a successful family-run business for generations. While each generation has had their own style, our leaders Paolo, Joe, Jim, and Bert have shared one mission: making the best cheese in the world.

Our Team

Our Master Cheesemakers and team of over 40 licensed cheesemakers apply their extensive technical expertise to every aspect of cheesemaking. That passion is shown in their development of products, each carefully crafted with unique flavors and textures.

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Product Customizations

Our team of Master Cheesemakers, culinary professionals, and scientists can create fully customized cheese solutions — developed specifically to the form, flavor, and functionality needed in your specific application.

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Product configurations

Product Breadth

Our library of cheese varieties and flavor profiles allow us to offer a spectrum of customizable shapes, sizes, and flavors to meet your needs.

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