Our premium products

Our nationally distributed products consist of cheese varieties that directly reflect our team’s innovation, meticulousness, and passion.


Custom Cheese Solutions

Custom products and blends mac and cheese

Custom Products and Blends

Being cheesemakers at heart, we pride ourselves on creating customer solutions to meet any culinary concept or challenge. We are able to create unique blends utilizing our Italian, Cheddar, and Current Style cheeses for distinct flavor profiles.

Product_Custom Solutions_Portion Pack

Portion Packaging

Our premium products with unique flavors, textures, and forms are now available in convenient portion packs. These individual packets are perfect for salad kits, meal kits, and carry-out orders.

Artisan Cheddar

White Cheddar on board

Artisan Cheddar Line

Whether your dish needs a cheddar with creamy, savory, nutty, tangy, or sweet attributes, our lineup of cheddars has a variety of distinct texture and flavor profiles to best fit the needs of any end application.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

Artisan cheddar cheese on board

Artisan Cheddar Blend

A combination of three premium Wisconsin white cheddars that together deliver a robust, tangy flavor profile.
Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

Cheddar on cutting board

MontAmoré® Cheddar

A Sartori original that combines the best of Aged White Cheddar and Parmesan. Our creamy and tangy MontAmoré® Cheddar provides a pop of flavor perfect for finishing dishes or pumping up dishes like Mac & Cheese.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

Premium Blends

5 Cheese Blend

5 Cheese Blend

A signature blend of Mozzarella, Fontina, Parmesan, Asiago, and MontAmoré® Cheddar offers a melty texture while providing robust and bold cheese flavors in a one-SKU solution.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

Regal Blend in a plate with radish

Regal Blend

A proprietary blend of shaved Parmesan, shaved Asiago, and grated Romano, our Regal Blend is both eye catching and flavor packed.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

Italian Classics - Parmesan

Tuscan Blend

A shaved blend combining fruity Parmesan with a rich and buttery Fontina that provides big flavor and an excellent melt.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

Italian Classics

Classic parmesan on cutting board


This robust Parmesan delivers fruity and nutty notes that brighten practically any application – from sauces to salads.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

Romano cheese


Our Romano is sharp enough to stand out in sauces without being too salty – allowing chefs to control the seasoning of final dishes.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

Sartori Asiago Cheese


Our bold Asiago is both approachable and versatile, with a creamy and nutty flavor that works well across the board – from flatbread to fresh pasta.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

Fontina with grapes and bread


Our creamy, sweet, and slightly peppery Fontina combines the flavor and melting qualities needed for culinary applications.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

Sartori Reserve

BellaVitano wedges on cutting board

BellaVitano® Line

A truly unique Sartori cheese, BellaVitano® is rich and creamy and comes in several hand-soaked and rubbed varieties, including Merlot, Black Pepper, Espresso, and more.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

SarVecchio Parmesan on a table

SarVecchio® Parmesan

Aged for at least 20 months, our SarVecchio® Parmesan delivers a deep and robust flavor with nutty and fruity notes.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

Other Cheeses

Mozzarella stick on a cutting board with tomatoes


When melted, our Mozzarella delivers on flavor, color, and stretch – making it perfect for culinary applications.

Item Size: Bulk

Provolone wrapped


A harmonious balance of our creamy, rich Provolone with complementary notes of smoke – a welcomed element to a dish.

Item Size: Bulk

Feta cheese in a bowl


Creamy, briny, and bright, our Feta can be used as an ingredient or a finishing touch to a dish.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

Gorgonzola cheese on a cutting board


Creamy, sweet, and slightly tangy, our Gorgonzola is an approachable option for most palates.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

Blue cheese in a bowl

Blue Cheese

An approachable option for practically any application, our Blue Cheese balances tangy, sharp notes with a slight sweetness.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack

Cojita cheese in a bowl


Our finely crumbled Cotija is a complementary combination of creamy and salty notes that kick up anything – from crisp salads to oven-fired flatbreads.

Item Size: Bulk, Portion Pack