Snack Time with Sartori® Cheese

July 25, 2022

Snack Time with Sartori Cheese

As experts at pairing, at Sartori® we love to use our range of cheeses in almost every part of our culinary rituals. From a dusting of rich Farmhouse Cheddar on scrambled eggs to the Classic Parmesan grated on top of our fresh pasta to the Old World Cheddar that upgrades a simple grilled cheese with tomato soup, theres almost no end to the rich combinations of flavors that can be achieved. But, often the best way to enjoy the incredible variety and quality of Sartori® is as a snack all on its own. Whether it’s with family over the kitchen counter before heading out for your next adventure or plated beautifully with a full charcuterie board to host friends and family, there’s no purer way to enjoy Sartori® cheese as it was meant to taste.

Sartori® Snacks for Kids

Keeping growing kids fueled is a challenge, and making sure they have healthy, filling options as they take on the world can be tough. Sartori® cheeses fit the bill, with enough delicious flavor to convince even the most active child to slow down and enjoy a healthy snack. Even better, Sartori® is packed with calcium, protein, zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin D to support healthy bone development and prevent osteoporosis.

For a healthy, easy snack on the go, combine Sartori® cheese with fruits, vegetables, and nuts to give kids the protein and fiber they need for a full day of learning and growing. Try packing a back-to-school snack of about 2 oz Sartori® Old World Cheddar, 3 oz of almonds, and a sliced Fuji or Gala apple—the sweet, fresh fruit and savory nuts combine to make a great complement to the buttery fruit notes of Old World Cheddar. Cutting the cheese and apple slices into shapes for picky eaters is, of course, optional.

After school snacks are a whole different game; kids can take the lead and assemble their own stacks of MontAmoré® Cheddar, ham or turkey slices, and pickles on top of crisp crackers. The unique sweet and savory flavor profile of MontAmoré® Cheddar brings the nuttiness of parmesan together with the richness of cheddar, making it a perfect pairing with briny and salty treats.

Sartori® Snacks for You

When life is busy, it's easy to let snacking devolve into eating tortilla chips over the sink, but as long as there's Sartori® cheese in the fridge you always have a quick, easy, and delicious snack just a few minutes away. Just one ounce of cheese can have up to 7-8 grams of protein, making it the perfect snack for keto diets or anyone looking to fit more protein in their diet—something that actually becomes more important as we age. Whether it's in the five minutes between meetings or taking the time you deserve to unwind with a cup of tea, Sartori® leaves you satisfied and ready to take on your next challenge.

When it comes to lightning fast snacks in the middle of a busy day, it's hard to beat a combination of MontAmoré® Cheddar with dried fruits and something sweet to turn your energy around. Try combining some crumbles of MontAmoré® with dried cranberries or cherries and a little bit of dark chocolate; the nutty, sharp flavors and buttery undertones of MontAmoré® cheddar are the perfect marriage with sweet, tart fruit and indulgent bitter chocolate.

If your day is winding down and you're ready to recharge more fully, try taking a page from the Italian snacking book. Take advantage of SarVecchio® Parmesan's nutty, crystalline texture—break a few ounces into chunks on a plate or charcuterie board, then drizzle them with high-quality olive oil, black pepper, and a little honey or balsamic vinegar for a decadent, sweet-savory experience. The richness and complex flavor profile of the oil and honey contrast with the salty and earthy elements of the Parmesan for a snack that's more memorable than some multi-course meals.

Sartori® Snacks for a Group

Cheese plates for a gathering of friends and loved ones strike the perfect balance between upscale and effortless. Sartori® cheeses offer unique, showstopping flavors like Tennessee Whiskey and Balsamic BellaVitano® while remaining delicious and approachable enough to please a crowd.

Try bringing your next wine and cheese night to life by pairing your favorite bottles of red and white along with Sartori's® Chardonnay and Merlot BellaVitano® to emphasize and explore the rich flavors of both the wine and the BellaVitano®. A range of different accompaniments can accentuate both the red and white palates; build a plate of blackberries, figs, and even slices of rare skirt steak to complement Merlot BellaVitano® and a bottle of your favorite red blend. Or try a tray of apples, grapes, nectarines, or tuna tartare to bring out the refreshing, tart flavors of Chardonnay BellaVitano®.

For a more earthy, savory group grazing plate, try building a selection around Sartori's® Rosemary & Olive Oil Asiago—olives, candied walnuts, dried apricots, and sliced honey roasted ham would all make excellent counterparts to the Asiago's rich palate. To end the evening on a sophisticated note, Espresso BellaVitano® takes an after-dessert coffee to the next level. Pair slices of this beautiful hand-rubbed cheese with chocolate, cherries, or a flavored honey—hot honey if your guests are adventurous.

However you choose to snack with Sartori®, whether it’s with these recommendations or creating your own, know that the experience will be unique and flavorful. We put care and craftsmanship into every recipe, so you can be sure that if it says Sartori®, you’re in for a phenomenal snacking experience. Bon appétit and happy snacking! For more ideas, our Pairing Guide can help you expand your snacking palate, and Sartori’s® Cheeseboard 101 has everything you need to explore all that full cheese boards have to offer.

Sartori for Kids

Sartori® is packed with calcium, protein, zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin D to support healthy bone development and prevent osteoporosis.

Sartori snack for kids