Our Reserve Cheese

Original BellaVitano®

Rich and creamy with a nutty, fruity flavor, it starts like a Parmesan and ends with hints of melted butter.

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Gold Medal

2019 World Cheese Awards

Super Gold

2017 World Cheese Awards

Gold Medal

2017 International Cheese Awards

Gold Medal

2016 Global Cheese Awards

Gold BellaVitano Wedge

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Taste Notes

Smooth, buttery richness meet notes of fruity, sweet, and nutty flavors that will surprise your taste buds with every bite. Creamy, salty, and sweet – a prized trifecta.

BellaVitano® is the epitome of versatility. Whether standalone, paired, or on your favorite dish, you can’t go wrong.

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A Sartori original.

Made exclusively by Sartori since 2008 - we created BellaVitano®, an American Original.

Sartori Original BellaVitano with fresh fruit & crackers

Pairing Guide

Inspired by traditional, Italian farmstead cheese, the nutty, fruity flavors give way to a rich, creamy, texture. No wonder it's a celebrated gold-medal winner.

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Enjoy with a glass of...

BellaVitano Gold with drink pairings


Chianti, Port, Light Italian Red


Dark Malty Ale, IPA, Sweet Cider

Nibble on...

BellaVitano Gold with food pairings


Crusty Artisan Bread, Dried Nuts


Dried Pineapple, Pears