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Heritage Cheddar

Inspired by Old Italy, this white cheddar blends sweet and buttery flavors with a nutty aftertaste.

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Heritage Cheddar


Second Place

2018 World Dairy Expo

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Taste Notes

Heritage Cheddar is the intense flavor you’ve been looking for. Nutty and a little fruity with a buttery finish.

Our Italian cheddars bring a unique taste profile and excitement to every occasion.

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Experience Old Italy.

Delivers balance and complexity that other cheddars lack – always inspired by our roots.

Heritage Cheddar pairings

Pairing Guide

Heritage Cheddar delivers a wondrous flavor that profiles sweet, buttery notes. Inspired by Old Italy, complex nutty notes make this a very special artisan white cheddar.

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Enjoy with a glass of...

Heritage Cheddar with drink pairings


Pinot Grigio



Nibble on...

Heritage Cheddar with food pairings


Herbed Crackers, Peppered Salami, Pesto


Apricot Preserves

Featured Recipe

Grilled Cheese With Heritage Cheddar

The goal isn't to reinvent the wheel here, we're just after a yummy sandwich with a big kick of flavor.

Grilled Cheese with Heritage Cheddar