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Italian Herb Cheddar

Italian herbs and cheddar? Oh my! Makes us wonder why we didn't do this one sooner!

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Sartori Italian Herb Cheddar Cheese

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Taste Notes

Sweet, savory, buttery & sharp with a handfinished layer of Italian herbs around the perimeter.

Our Italian cheddars bring a unique taste profile and excitement to every occasion.

Italian Herb Cheddar Spider Graph

A party for your taste buds.

Such an effortless union of flavors that's sure to bring a smile to your face.

Sartori Italian Herb Cheddar Cheese

Pairing Guide

One taste of this cheese and you'll be hooked. We combined the sharpness of Old World Cheddar with the earthiness of Italian herbs to create this masterpiece.

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Enjoy with a glass of...

Sartori Italian Herb Cheddar with Drink Pairing Suggestions


Cabernet Franc


Pale Lager


Sparkling water

Nibble on...

Sartori Italian Herb Cheddar with Food Pairing Suggestions


Mixed olives, Small yellow or orange tomatoes, Sopressata, Almonds, Toasted baguette


Red grapes, Figs, Preserves