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Sriracha Cheddar

Our Old World Cheddar gets a New World update courtesy of the satisfying subtle heat of Sriracha.

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Sartori Sriracha Cheddar Cheese

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Taste Notes

We start with our beloved Old World Cheddar and hand finish it with a Sriracha spice. Sharp cheddar + subtle heat = <3

Our Italian cheddars bring a unique taste profile and excitement to every occasion.

Sriracha Cheddar Cheese Spider Graph

Bring on the heat

The subtle spice of Sriracha perfectly complements the sharpness of our Old World Cheddar.

Sartori Sriracha Cheddar Cheese with Hot Peppers

Pairing Guide

Prepare your taste buds for a delicious adventure with the subtle heat of Sriracha.

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Enjoy with a glass of...

Sartori Sriracha Cheddar with Drink Pairing Suggestions


Chilled Riesling


Dry Pilsner


Sparkling water

Nibble on...

Sartori Sriracha Cheddar with Food Pairing Suggestions


Sesame crackers


Pears, Green grapes, Honey, Pecans