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Our Parmesan delivers the sweet, mellow, and nutty flavors your favorite Italian dish deserves.

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Gold Medal

2016 Global Cheese Awards

Silver Medal

2017 World Cheese Awards

Silver Medal

2015 World Cheese Awards

Bronze Medal

2015 Global Cheese Awards

Classic Parmesan Wedge

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Taste Notes

A nutty, sweet, delicious finish makes our Parmesan something special.

Classic Parmesan Spider Graph

Your new favorite table cheese.

This award-winner takes time to reach peak flavor, but it’s worth the wait.

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Pairing Guide

We’re grateful for the sweet, mellow, and nutty flavor of this Sartori favorite. We love it so much we offer it in every form you could ask for.

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Enjoy with a glass of...

Classic Parmesan with drink pairings


Beaujolais, Chianti, Madeira


Brown Ale, Dark Malty Ale, Lager, Porter, Trappist Style Beer

Nibble on...

Classic Parmesan with food pairings


Crusty Artisan Bread, Dried Nuts, Savory Crackers


Chocolate, Dried Fruit

Featured Recipe

Shredded Parmesan Croutons & Broccoli Soup

We won't sugar coat it, this green soup is just a vehicle for cheesy, crunchy bread.

Shredded Parmesan Croutons & Broccoli Soup