Passion. Ingenuity. Legacy.

We wouldn’t be the award-winning company today without our heritage. See how we built our legacy and our hope for the future of Sartori.

In 1939, Paolo Sartori brought his Italian heritage to Wisconsin and founded Sartori Cheese. It was this passion for cheesemaking that sparked a successful family-run business that has thrived for generations.

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“When my great grandfather was looking at founding [Sartori], he looked all over the midwest and ended up settling in Wisconsin. The work ethic of the team, the rich history of agriculture, and the climate made it an ideal place for dairy farming.”
Bert Sartori, President

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While each generation of Sartori family leadership has had their own style, they’ve always been united under one mission: to make the best cheese in the world. 

Since 1939, Sartori’s® success has largely been derived from the creativity and ingenuity of the team. Sartori's® heritage has helped shape the company's core values: Family, Commitment, Authenticity, Ingenuity, Integrity and Humility.

We’re proud to be located in Wisconsin, with its rich history in agriculture and dairy farming. Sartori was founded in the historical East Main Caves (pictured right), a special family landmark. We love the historical beauty of these caves, and we continue to hand-finish our BellaVitano® there every day.

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Sartori West Main Creamery

As a generational family business, we know we have something special here. We love the team we’ve built, and we’re focused on continuing to cultivate our Sartori family so we can make new cheeses we’re excited to share with the world.

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