Master Cheesemaking

Passion. Artistry. Ingenuity.

Becoming a Master Cheesemaker takes a love of cheese, passion for cheesemaking, and time.

All of our Master Cheesemakers spent over a decade making cheese in Wisconsin, studying their craft, and extensively honing their skills in the rigorous Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Program to earn their prestigious title.

Merlot BellaVitano

“I've been tasked with creating new cheeses. It's a big task to come up with a Wisconsin original, something nobody else is doing. It speaks a lot to who Sartori is and what we're trying to do. We want to do something new and different.”
Pam Hodgson, Master Cheesemaker

Pam Hodgson making Garlic & Herb BellaVitano

“Sartori has over 40 licensed cheesemakers. It isn’t a requirement to have that many, but we think it’s really important from a developmental standpoint. There’s something tangible there – that you can be responsible for the art, science, and history of Sartori.”
Ken Kane, Master Cheesemaker / Plant Manager

Master Cheesemaking Garlic & Herb Wheels
BellaVitano varieties in the Sartori cheese caves

Our Master Cheesemakers really love what they do. Their ingenuity and joy of cheesemaking sparks the unique and delicious cheeses that we love to share with the world.

The original S&R Cheese Corp building

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