Our Family Farms

Family. Stewardship. Excellence.

We pride ourselves on working with local, family-owned farms.

We love working with farmers and their families who have the same goal as us: turning high-quality milk into high-quality cheese. All of our milk comes from Wisconsin family farms.

The Michels Family
Cows on the Michels Farm

Wisconsin’s rich history in agriculture has allowed us to work with generational family farmers whose values align with our own.

They are stewards of the land. Whether planting, harvesting, or milking cows, they treat their farm and its animals with the utmost love and care.

Feeding the calves

“We’ve been on this land for five generations. It’s rewarding being a dairy farmer; I love working alongside my family and taking care of my animals. Harvesting, planting, making hay — there’s always something to do no matter what time of year it is.”
Luke Mugan, Farmer

The Mugan Family

Just like us, our farmers value family. They put their heart and soul into caring for their land and the animals that inhabit it. It is this passion that allows us all to create award-winning cheese together.

The original S&R Cheese Corp building

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