Grilled Shrimp & Vegetable Kebabs with Rosemary & Olive Oil Asiago Pesto


1 ¼ cups pesto; 8 skewers

Serving Size

1-2 skewers



Cook & Prep Time

About 30 minutes, not including marinating time

Grilled Shrimp and Vegetable Kebabs with Rosemary and Olive Oil Asiago Pesto

Sweet shrimp in savory pesto, grilled alongside summer veggies- these skewers are the perfect party fare. The Rosemary-Olive Oil-Asiago Pesto is too delicious to skimp on; this recipe makes enough to marinate the shrimp plus slather on the veggies and spread on grilled bread. This pesto is also a fabulous stir-in for pasta, topper for corn on the cob, accompaniment for any grilled seafood or meats, and even perfect for pizza!


Rosemary & Olive Oil Asiago
Sartori® Cheese

Rosemary & Olive Oil Asiago

1 ½ cups arugula, lightly packed

¾ cup grated Rosemary & Olive Oil Asiago

cup roasted almonds, chopped

½ teaspoon garlic powder

¼ cup fresh lemon juice

¼ teaspoon salt

¾ cup extra virgin olive oil

24 jumbo shrimp, peeled and deveined

8x 1-inch chunks red bell pepper

8x 1/2-inch wedges or chunks red onion

8x 1/2-inch chunks zucchini

8x  1/2-inch chunks yellow squash

1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil

pinch salt

pinch pepper

8x  10 or 12 inch skewers

Cooking spray


Step 1

To prepare pesto, combine the arugula, cheese, almonds, garlic powder, lemon juice, and salt in  a food processor or blender. Pulse, until coarsely chopped, scraping down sides with a spatula. With the motor running, slowly drizzle in the olive oil. Continue to process until smooth.

Step 2

Prepare grill.

Step 3

Toss shrimp with ¼ cup pesto in a large bowl; let stand 10 minutes.

Step 4

Toss vegetables with 1 teaspoon oil, salt, and pepper. Thread shrimp and vegetables alternately onto skewers. Place skewers on a grill rack lightly coated with oil or cooking spray. Grill 7 minutes or until shrimp are done, turning skewers occasionally.

Serve with remaining pesto, and grilled bread.